New business models enabled by technology have made the direct relationship with the customer more valuable than ever. Nowhere is this more evident than the Communications and Media Industry, where new opportunities are appearing overnight, and core lines of business are suddenly “at-risk” thanks to -    

  • Unprecedented M&A activity between service providers and content companies 

  • Fierce competition over new content to attract customers and the fall of the content licensing model, as beloved franchises are consolidated in OTT (over-the-top) services  

  • The rise of platform competitors like Amazon and Apple who subsidize exclusive content in order to attract users to their ecosystems.   

  • An exceedingly diverse set of network intensive formats and devices from live streaming and autonomous vehicles that test network response times and quality of service, to VR and 4k HDR whose bandwidth demands far outstrip anything that has come before. 

  • The rollout of 5G networking that has the potential to bring mobile and terrestrial ISPs into direct completion with one another in the long term and while in the short term presenting truly unprecedented levels of deployment complexity and expense.  

With these growing customer demands, changing markets and new competitors, companies are strategically placing their focus on direct delivery of content to consumer via recurring revenue or ad-supported service models. As major players build up Ad-technology and Content libraries, acquisitions are on the rise. Driven by hopes of economies of scale, cultural synergy and unified product roadmaps, once large organizations are merging, placing tremendous strain on the integration processes and infrastructure they’ve (smoothly?) operated on for so long.

How Eigen X makes a difference in Communications & Media 

As both transformational and operational initiatives take place to meet these quickly shifting strategic imperatives, it is critical to partner with someone that has deep domain knowledge in the Communications and Media Industry. Whether it’s developing an Analytics solution to understand newly acquired customers, customizing a CRM solution for next generation network deployment or crafting advance call center analytics to track key performance indicators, the Eigen X team has decades of experience understanding unique industry challenges and building technical solutions to overcome them.

  • Data Driven Analytics: to help customers extract the most from the data they generate, arming them with accurate, up to the moment insights that allow them to make thoughtful decisions about how their team, division and business as a whole should move forward. Eigen X deploys Business Intelligence solutions like Tableau, Birst to help our customers find ways to do more with their existing network, manage customer churn, respond to changing patterns of demand, and predict which expansion strategies will be most profitable.   

  • Agile Delivery: to enable our customers to keep up with rapidly changing technology and consumer demand by building development teams that deliver high quality. Eigen X utilizes agile to help our customers execute iterative delivery of their solutions. This method is ideal when there is a need to deliver high quality in response to changing customer requirements within short development cycles.   

  • Diverse Application Services: to encourage specialized teams move beyond their comfort zone. Eigen X is ready to help with every part of the process from initial assessment to custom development including but not limited to data cleansing and standardization during M&A efforts, enhancing existing billing and payment systems and the creation of production-like, large-scale, end-to-end test environments featuring hundreds of applications and millions of subscriber records.